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About the programme

This exciting programme is specifically tailored for B2B and B2C companies that want to find, win and manage new customers using powerful new digital strategies, tactics, campaigns and toolkits/templates. The programme will also enable delegates to apply their understanding of the digital subject matter by exercises that will take place throughout the programme.

With the need for every business to have a compelling online presence you can't ignore the power of digital marketing tools and strategies when it comes to effectively promoting your product or service. This programme will provide an in-depth understanding of how to effectively strategise and implement powerful digital marketing campaigns that convert. From social media marketing to search marketing, you’ll learn everything you need to excel at your digital marketing career. Gain the latest and most up-to-date digital marketing skills needed to thrive in today’s digital economy. Our programme is ideal for candidates seeking to gain a fundamental understanding of the digital skills needed to formulate, run and measure effective digital marketing campaigns and strategy.

In this powerful programme, you will also learn how to define, implement and drive digital values into your organisation from both a people, process and technology standpoint, as well as how to rapidly-adopt powerful digital technologies that give you the competitive edge through superior digital communication to your audiences and enhanced customer products and services.


How will I benefit?​

  • •    Understand why digital transformation for your business is essential today
    •    How to drive sales pipelines through digital marketing techniques
    •    How to maximise revenue & profit conversions in digital channels 
    •    How to build and drive new digital products and services
    •    Impact of digital transformation on businesses and customers
    •    Adopt the mindset of a ‘digital innovator’ 
    •    How to evolve from traditional to winning digital business models
    •    Become technically informed, agile and innovative 
    •    Use data to identify the best digital opportunities 
    •    Deliver an evidence-based roadmap for your digital transformation 
    •    Optimise digital leadership through collaboration with IT, Sales, Product, Marketing, R&D, Executive functions. 
    •    Learn key digital tools to drive marketing effectiveness and sales 
    •    Understand modern perspectives on digital transformation 
    •    Ensure digital marketing strategy & customer value are aligned
    •    Learn powerful content marketing tools for sales enablement
    •    Reaching customer/persona types: influencers, users, buyers
    •    Optimise digital and social media channels for customer communications
    •    Account based digital marketing & sales alignment
    •    Manage competition and innovation with digital strategy
    •    Learn and apply powerful go-to-market execution strategies & tools
    •    Build digital marketing KPI quantitative/qualitative measurement scorecards
    •    Optimise how you monitor/control performance with digital campaigns

Who should attend?

The programme is designed for those with responsibility for developing or implementing an organisation’s digital marketing strategy, including marketing professionals, sales professionals, sole traders and small business owners, CEOs, graduates of other disciplines, and anyone who would like to pursue a digital career.

Programme fees include:

+ Full tuition

+ All materials

+ Attendance Certificate

+ Refreshments

+ Coaching follow-up


Online Format (12 hours, take over 2 days to 4 months)

£450 per delegate

£1,450 per group (4-10)

£1,650 per group (11-20)

Classroom Format (1,2,3 days)          

1-day Masterclass                                         

£1,250 per group (2-4 delegates)                                    
£1,650 per group (5-12 delegates)                                   

​2-day Applied Masterclass                                     
£2,250 per group (2-4 delegates) 

£2,650 per group (5-12 delegates)

3-day Professional Masterclass

£3.250 per group (2-4 delegates)

£3,650 per group (5-12 delegates)

Bookings: +44 (0)330 043 1483

Enquiries: enquiries@thevaluespace.com

All major credit & debit cards accepted

*for programmes held outside the UK, economy travel costs apply.
**VAT applicable in UK

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