Dr Paul Johnston

Dr Johnston is an associate of thevaluespace and has 14 years of senior academic experience at Sheffield Business school after 17 years prior commercial experience including private sector board level roles in the leisure and electronic games and gaming business. He has experience of company turnarounds, participated in a multi -million-pound management buyout and has experience of trade sale and pre-flotation exercises.


Responsibilities spanned strategic and organisational management, key account management, brand and value proposition management, customer and consumer insight and research, product and service innovation creativity, and development, new product testing and market introductions.


Dr Johnston specialises in business to business marketing. His academic research looks at the ways experienced sales and marketing professionals create and propose value to their customers. He also contributes to the management and academic understanding of value orientated selling and the theorising of service dominant logic together with the network perspective of the Industrial Marketing and Purchasing Group of international academics.


Specific interests include the field of generating competitive advantage and differentiation through value orientated selling and key account management as a social interaction, especially how sales and marketing professionals use imagination, ensure relevance and make sense of the diverse social contexts they experience in buying situations to create value and competitive difference in business to business markets.


Through the perspective of 'the value proposing professional' Dr Johnston's research shows how the dialogic communication, vision and social performance of customer facing executives are used to create value by bringing the invisible aspects of business relationships and service to life. To that end he is especially interested in marketing management as practice and performativity.

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