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Powerful Market Intelligence

...develop, analyse and turn data into powerful market insight that create value for your business 


About the programme

Powerful market intelligence involves numerous steps such as information mapping, data collection and analysis about the economy, competitors, market growth, trends, regulations and customer behaviour. All this knowledge needs to be gathered through a consistent and regular process, thus maximising the power behind data and making it meaningful for business strategy creation.


Market intelligence comes from the strategic use of a carefully analysed collection of key information. It is imperative for better decision-making, success, and even survival for firms today. Interest and investment in market intelligence is increasing, as firms see its power and benefit. Solid market intelligence can dramatically impact a company's success. A firm that embraces business intelligence uses it at all levels of the organisation fostering a culture where everyone thinks 'intelligence', and contributes to its evolution and success.


The Powerful Market Intelligence programme provides a solid understanding of how to utilise the market intelligence approach and tools to develop an action plan for bridging market monitoring and competitor analysis to business strategy. You will also learn skills and techniques for gathering and analysing relevant data to achieve exceptional insights, and a new level of strategic thinking.

This programme goes beyond traditional qualitative and quantitative research, and encompasses understanding a powerful collection of internal and external information, and using analytical techniques to evaluate that information. Market intelligence, done well, plays a key role in corporate decision-making. Becoming competent in the market intelligence area means that market researchers elevate their position and use a broad range of business consultative skills.

How will I benefit?​

  • Understand the power of market intelligence (MI) and how it incorporates marketing research

  • Create intelligence teams and building an intelligence culture

  • Develop market intelligence skills, and an MI toolbox

  • Develop information plans

  • Apply analytical tools and techniques and using them to analyse and process information

  • Report the information in a fashion that facilitates generating a cohesive view of the company's market situation and enhances decision making

  • Concepts, techniques, tools and management processes that are critical to effective MI

  • Analyse business cases of MI in action

  • Understand how to gather, analyse and report information, as well as identify relevant information and sources of information

  • Be capable of developing and implementing a MI plan

  • Be capable of applying MI tools and techniques into business strategy

  • Have the skills to report MI information in a fashion that facilitates generating a cohesive view of the company’s market situation and enhances decision-making

  • Know the fundamentals of creating MI and strategic planning teams

  • Advances in analytics strategy

  • Data discovery, exploration and visualisation process (e.g. CRISP)

  • Relationship of artificial intelligence and market intelligence

  • Segmentation, targeting and positioning insight from MI

  • Customer experience/management with MI

  • Overcome issues of MI implementation and internal communications

Who should attend?

This programme is for managers and decision-makers involved or working directly or indirectly with market intelligence or strategic planning including professionals in the marketing area involved with market research, product managers, planning managers, business development managers and professionals involved with business performance and monitoring. 


It is particularly beneficial to those who are required to make their organisation more competitively focused, and is both strategic and tactical in content.

Programme fees include:

+ Full tuition

+ All materials

+ Attendance Certificate

+ Refreshments

+ Coaching follow-up


Online Format (12 hours, take over 2 days to 4 months)

£450 per delegate

£1,450 per group (4-10)

£1,650 per group (11-20)

Classroom Format (1,2,3 days)           

1-day Masterclass                                                                    

£1,250 per group (2-4 delegates)                                    
£1,650 per group (5-12 delegates)                                   

​2-day Applied Masterclass                                                  
£2,250 per group (2-4 delegates) 

£2,650 per group (5-12 delegates)

3-day Professional Masterclass

£3.250 per group (2-4 delegates)

£3,650 per group (5-12 delegates)

Bookings: +44 (0)330 043 1483 


All major credit & debit cards accepted

*for programmes held outside the UK, economy travel costs apply.
**VAT applicable in UK

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