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About the programme

In the face of increasingly competitive business conditions and limited resources, managers need to know how to identify new target markets that provide the fastest and greatest chance for success. This programme presents the powerful process and tools to help you identify profitable and reachable groups of new customer segments. By targeting newer segments you can develop a strong competitive positioning and focus resources on customers that make a difference to your business.

This programme is designed with the aim of providing participants with excellent conceptual approaches and operational methods, to enable them to accurately and effectively manage these strategic marketing activities. This programme will also analyse new segmentation criteria, new segment evaluation, and new target selection methods, together with innovative differentiation and positioning systems capable of generating a lasting competitive advantage. 


How will I benefit?​

  • Better design complete product and service offerings to meet customer needs

  • Align sales force and marketing communication actions for optimal market response

  • Describe the role of market segmentation and positioning in range of marketing contexts such as an organisation’s marketing strategies, culture, and wider marketing environment

  • Analyse the interconnectivity between corporate, business and marketing objectives

  • Consider the impact of the external marketing environment 

  • Recognise the significance of new segmentation and positioning when developing new strategies to achieve marketing objectives

  • Conduct a marketing audit, utilise traditional and digital methods to analyse the internal and external marketing environment and assess the audit findings

  • Segment newer markets on the basis of emerging customer needs and value

  • Design better market research studies for segmentation and learn how to use the results to make better decisions

  • Select target markets to achieve the best financial results

  • Write a clear and focused segment-based positioning statement that defines your competitive advantage

Who should attend?

The programme is specifically for B2B or B2C marketing, research, strategy and product managers. Whether you are new to the role or have experience, you will benefit by attending and it does not require prior knowledge of marketing segmentation. It is particularly beneficial to those who are required to make their organisation much more competitively focused, and is both strategic and tactical in content.

Programme fees include:

+ Full tuition

+ All materials

+ Attendance Certificate

+ Refreshments

+ Coaching follow-up


Online Format (12 hours, take over 2 days to 4 months)

£450 per delegate

£1,450 per group (4-10)

£1,650 per group (11-20)

Classroom Format (1,2,3 days)                

1-day Masterclass                                                                    

£1,250 per group (2-4 delegates)                                    
£1,650 per group (5-12 delegates)                                   

​2-day Applied Masterclass                                                  
£2,250 per group (2-4 delegates) 

£2,650 per group (5-12 delegates)

3-day Professional Masterclass

£3.250 per group (2-4 delegates)

£3,650 per group (5-12 delegates)

Bookings: +44 (0)330 043 1483 


All major credit & debit cards accepted

*for programmes held outside the UK, economy travel costs apply.
**VAT applicable in UK

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