How long does it take to realise the value from training? Inserting a new training KPI, “time to business value”…

October 14, 2019

OK we have heard this several times over…what’s the point of training, training is boring, no budget for training, can’t find a decent training business, can’t afford the time out to do training, instructors not up-to-date, we only do e-learning as its cheap, not sure about the return on investment when it comes to training…
Training is changing…well “evolving” especially in a digital economy. As a professional services business providing short training programmes, we understand that the thought of going on a training programme fills most of us with dread, we would rather do anything else(!) I have often experienced these negative thoughts in my own career and personal development but if the training programme has the very latest content, tools and frameworks and practical use cases and delivered by a highly engaging instructor, it will be a rewarding experience. I often start my programmes by saying to my delegates that they have “all entered a meeting where over a short period they will validate what they already know on the subject, learn and apply new concepts/perspectives and hear real experiences from other companies. In the end you have a real chance to make your organisation better off financially and non-financially” 
Measuring the impact of training for our people is critical if we are to see our organisations flourish in a digital economy…but it’s certainly not easy! At thevaluespace we believe in very focussed short programmes of between 1-3 days so our delegates are not away from work too long and that they can apply the learning straightaway and start making a real difference with the tools and frameworks they have learnt in just a few days. 
Quite often the training industry has been criticised for producing uninteresting and “old” content as well as being delivered by uninspiring trainers. thevaluespace is so obsessed about delivering a great experience that we spend a lot of time updating the newest content, work with the right instructors and rehearse the way we actually deliver the programmes to our clients. Our average delegate score is 90%. 
All our training instructors are current and former senior industry leaders & consultants and have worked with over 500 businesses to date including Siemens, Microsoft, Dell, NCR, BT Group, Sage to name a few. Every programme includes the very latest in subject matter knowledge, a number of current case studies and powerful tools and frameworks. We also believe that training has to be more about coaching and with this approach, motivation and confidence plays a critical part so every person can implement their learning. 
Learning is one thing, application is another, getting results is quite another. The cynicism behind training is often well placed when we have no plan to set time aside to think through how we could brainstorm, test and experiment with implementing some of the new ideas learnt. If we don’t get into the practice of operationalising our learning, we may find we are heading for disaster…we may find our businesses getting squeezed financially, our people demotivated and longing to move out, products/services becoming commoditised and uninspiring to the market, not innovating like we could be, not growing in emerging markets, in essence our businesses may not have a future.
It is frustrating not being able to see people practice what they have learnt in their training programmes. As a result, I put into place a new “3/6/9/12 month training review” to see how training programmes have made a difference. Nowadays, I call this the “time to business value charter” and involves delegates reviewing constantly the new practices they have put into place and measuring the results they have achieved from both a financial and non-financial standpoint. 
My advice is simple…measuring the impact/return on investment both financially and non-financially of any training programme is essential and training companies need to be held to account after programmes have concluded. It is my hope that you choose your training provider carefully and be clear on what you want to achieve and review this constantly after the training event with your people and training provider.


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